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Choices for Individual Health Insurance


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Hospital and Surgical Insurance


Commonly known as mini-meds or Core Access coverage. These affordable fixed-benefit indemnity plans provide coverage for covered out-of-pocket expenses incurred due to medical care.


The benefits are straight-forward and enrollment is easy. You can design your coverage by selecting various benefits that will provide insurance protection within your budget. These plans do not have open enrollment periods and you and your family can secure coverage at any time of the year.


The plan pays the fixed-benefit amount you select, regardless of the amount charged by providers. You have the flexibility to choose any doctor or hospital in United States, plus additional cost savings available when you choose a provider that is part of the MultiPlan national network.


However these plans may not be for everyboyd since it is not major medical insurance coverage and there are limitations for pre-exisiting conditions. These plans provide a fixed-indemnity benefit after any applicable deductible for covered expenses. It is important to review the benefits carefully. You may still be responsible for the ACA-shared responsibility payment (tax). Click above for a free immediate quote.


Off-Exchange Health Insurance


This is where the consumer purchases the health plan directly from a broker or insurance company. It is always a good idea to utilize the professional advice of a licensed broker since it can be a confusing process to many. We as brokers serve as a valuable resources that can help you to understand doctors and hospital networks, the workings of a health plan and help define some of the terms you may encounter.


Since health insurance prices are fixed by law, your premiums is the same whether you buy it from an insurance company or a broker so it only makes sense to get the free advice from us on such a complicated product. By buying “OFF- Exchange” you maintain direct connection with the insurance company on things like billing and administrative tasks while maintaining access to us for the complicated and involved situations that may arise. An OFF-Exchange plan does not require proof of income or wages. Being “OFF-Exchange”, these plans do not provide the financial subsidy towards the plans premiums and benefits as do “ON-Exchange” issued plans.


On-Exchange Health Insurance


When we use the term “On-Exchange” we are referring to purchasing your plan through The Nevada Health Like that is accessed through the federal website The primary purpose of an exchange plan is that the enrollee and their family may be eligible for premium subsidy along with possible cost sharing help on the benefit copayments and plan deductible. The subsidy is based on a formula determined by many factors which include the ages of those enrolling for coverage, the household family income and the availability of coverage those may have or be eligible for elsewhere either through federal or state programs or through a private employer. Taking these factors into consideration, the level of subsidy and cost sharing is determined by and matched to the Federal Poverty Level. This amount varies and is adjusted each year along with the exchange plan benefits.


Not everybody will qualify for this type of coverage so it is important to have a good idea of your current financial situation for the year along with being prepared to submit financial documentation along with your enrollment. We can help determine at the outset whether this choice would be the better of the two and can usually estimate ahead of time an approximate premium subsidy.