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Should I buy Medicare Supplement Insurance or Medicare Advantage ?

There are several options for you to consider carefully when choosing what kind of Medicare plan is right for you. Medicare Advantage plans have little or no copayments for many services and normally offer either low premium or zero monthly premiums. Most also include prescription drug coverage. They are available as either a PPO type plan or a managed care HMO type plan. The HMO plans typically allow you to access only providers on their published list.

With a Medicare supplement plan you do not have a network or list of providers - you can go to most any doctor, hospital, medical facility or treatment center nationwide without any needed referrals or approval. Under Medicare, you are not required to pay over the contracted rate for billed services provided the practitioner or facility accepts Medicare assignment.

There is a premium payable to the insurance company monthly and a supplemental plan does not include prescription drug coverage. Prescription drug plans also known as Medicare Part D are offered for as little as $17.00 a month.


Before choosing your Medicare coverage, it may be wise to consult with us to compare the benefits and costs of your options then we can determine how best to proceed.




Premiums for these types of plans are based on these main factors: zip code, gender and whether you are a tobacco user.




All individuals that have reached age 65 and are enrolled in Medicare must have some form of prescription drug coverage or run the risk of being penalized for a late enrollment. We live in a competitive market with about 30 plan choices available. Each provider of prescription drug coverage offer various monthly premiums and benefit choices so we are able tailor a plan specifically for your needs.


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